Fifth Wheels FAQs

Fifth Wheel Hitches are a special class of hitch that mounts over or forward of the rear axle of the towing vehicle. The vehicle being towed has a king pin on the end of the trailer which fits into the specially designed notch on the Fifth Wheel Hitch.

What Information Do I Need to Know

Why would I even need one?

This boils down to the need to haul something really big.

A Fifth Wheel Hitch offers a number of advantages over other types of hitches. Some of these are towing capacity, safety, maneuverability and stability.

They are commonly used to haul RV's and livestock trailers. Since the Fifth Wheel Hitch rests in the bed of the pickup truck this sometimes presents a challenge because the bed is not very useful for hauling or storing anything else. Another issue is that the normal tailgate of the pickup must be removed to use the Fifth Wheel Hitch. All these issues have been dealt with by accessories that are specially designed to work with these types of trailers.

Another issue that can happen with a Fifth Wheel Hitch/pickup combination is that of cornering. Sometimes with a standard hookup there is interference with the corner of the trailer clearing the bed or the cab when taking a turn. That's what happens when you take a combination this long and try and squeeze it around a tight corner.

A Slider unit with a pin box extension can gain you the addition clearance to eliminate the interference.