Weight Distribution FAQs

A Weight Distribution (WD) System takes the natural center of the weight off of your trailer hitch and distributes it between the tow vehicle and the trailer wheels.

Rather than merely supporting the trailer tongue weight (TW), Weight Distributing Hitches apply leverage between the towing vehicle and trailer causing the TW to be carried by all axles of both the tow vehicle and the trailer.

What Information Do I Need to Know

What is Weight Distribution?

Try to think of a Weight Distribution Hitch System as a bridge connecting the towing vehicle and the trailer. It has an adjustable under truss system called spring bars that join the “V” of the trailer to the hitch head and the receiver hitch to evenly distribute the weight.

The head bolts to the shank to ensure proper height and the shank slides into the receiver hitch which is bolted to the towing vehicle. The weight is then more evenly distributed between both axles of the towing vehicle and the trailer itself.